About Us

Al Ghussun Trading and Installation Glass is a glass manufacturer, producing and installing glass, which makes us a fully-fledged glass solution provider.

Al Ghussun Factory was established in 1986 offering glass solution regionally since then. Located in Dubai and Sharjah and expanding to other emirates and GCC region, we offer a world-class service of most modern and classic glass solutions.

Throughout the years we gained trust and partnership of topnotch clients and we keep offering our services to consumers worldwide.

With almost 30 year of experience, we built up a range of quality products, which include the following:

  • Annealed Glass
  • Tempered and Heat Strengthened Glass
  • Double Glass – Straight and Curved Glass
  • Laminated Glass – Straight and Curved Glass
  • Laminated Safety & Security Glass – Bullet Resistant & Blast Resistant
  • Mirror Glass – Sandblasted Design
  • Solar & UV Controlled Glass
  • Curve Glass – Annealed and Tempered Glass
  • Decorated Glass – Sandblasted, Georgian Bar & Patterned Glass
  • Glass Doors, Shower Doors, Skylights, Curtain Walls and Windows.